Award Winning Wines

Captain Gordy


Lusty Red


By the Dam good wine


Summer Daze


Sweeter than Springtime


Hook Line and Sinker




Howlin' at the Moon


On the Mississippi


Blooming Rhubarb


Our Wines

Our wines range from $9.99 to $16.99 per 750ml bottle.

Black Rooster

Blackberry at its best! Ripe, dark, succulent flavors, absolutely mouthwatering. Enjoy its lingering aftertaste with a natural light tartness Pairs well with spicy food or desserts.

Brush Creek Winery Blooming Rhubarb

Blooming Rhubarb

Awards! Delightfully sweet and tart A summer favorite!

Brush Creek Winery Bog


50% cranberry and 50% grape. Sweet with a tart finish.

Brush Creek Winery Bullfrog


A red, dry wine of Chancellor grapes creating a wine to really CROAK ABOUT

By the Dam Good Wine

Award Winning!

Blush w/spice! #1 seller


Cherry Blossom

Wisconsin cherries  make our sweet cherry with a bold aroma and  fresh cherry finish.

Coming Home

Very sweet red slight tart finish. Pairs well with all foods!


Awards! Semi-sweet, crisp citrus finish, Jackson Co. grown


Hook Line & Sinker

Awards! Estate/Jackson Co. grapes creating a stringer of sweet flavors.

Howlin’ at the Moon

Awards! Blackberry wine, fruity, semi-sweet ,tart.  Howlin’ Good!

Iron Bridge Red

Very dry, Marechal Foch grapes. Great to pair with a steak!

It’s a Dog’s Life

Very sweet white,  Niagara and LaCrosse grapes (our  version of Moscato.)

Lusty Red

dry supple robust red,

Frontenac grapes. Aromas of Cherry and Plum.


Pink Squeal

Catawba grapes, medium bodied, sweet, fragrant, fruity, with a tart finish.  A great after dinner wine,  perfect with desserts or fruit.

On the Mississippi

Awards! Grape blend, Sweet, fruity, blush.

Pop’s Passion

Very sweet, lightly oaked.   Keith’s expression of his father’s tradition.

Pinot for YOU

Dry Pinot Grigio –great

aroma and finish. Pairs well with shellfish and other seafoods


Razzy Red

Semi-dry 100% red raspberry – vibrant aromas!


Soaring Glory

Red, semi-sweet full body  Semi-dry finish.

Strawberry Fields

100% Strawberries A great summer wine! Pairs well with Appetizers, salads, salmon, shellfish, and desserts!! Enjoy!


Summer Daze

Seyval Blanc, white, semi-sweet, crisp & spicy.

Sweeter than Springtime

Awards! Sweet Edelweiss wine Flowery aroma  Oh so nice!

Two of Us

A red, semi-sweet blend of Foch & Niagara. Very smooth. Goes w/pasta dishes.

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